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E3 Case Managers, LLC. are Specialists in Auto & Catastrophic Injury Case Management


Serious car accidents often have life altering consequences for a victim and their families, leaving one in a haze of medical problems and legal issues. In addition to the long and difficult recovery process, a client must make many crucial choices that will have an impact on their lives and the lives of their family for many years to come. Fortunately, victims of car accidents in Michigan do not have to go through this challenging process alone; the experienced Case Managers at E3 Case Managers, LLC. are here to help.

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Working in an industry devoted to the recovery of injured people, each healthcare provider is committed to providing clients with skilled Michigan Case Managers that make rehabilitation assistance a top priority. During such a difficult time, clients need strong advocates who support them in obtaining the care they need. After any severe accident, E3 Case Managers, LLC. ensures clients receive superior care; putting the client and the healthcare provider’s minds at ease!

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E3 Case Managers, LLC. strives to assist and advocate for our clients in need so they can succeed in achieving their greatest level of independence following a serious injury. E3, through Case Management advocacy, collaborates with the client and his/her support system to provide the tools required for successful rehabilitation.

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What is Case Management?

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…With E3, we work together as a team. We’re always touching base, several times a week. If we have a problem we have someone to call.


I credit my successful recovery to the care and support of the E3 staff. Without their assistance and help, I would not be as good as I am today.

Maria P

I ask anyone I meet if they have an Independent Case Manager. When you’re injured, you need a specialist to care for, and advocate for you.

Edward G.

I am so grateful for E3. Everyone should use an Independent Case Manager so you get the best possible care.

Jessica Q.



Case Management FAQ’s

When Will The First Visit Take Place?

A Case Manager usually meets with a client and their family within 48 hours of the initial call or earlier, depending on a client’s preference and need.

What kind of paperwork will the Case Manager need?

It would be helpful, but not mandatory, to have the names of treating doctors, previous medical information prior to the accident, legal documents (i.e. guardianship, etc.), automotive insurance information, health insurance information, medication list, emergency contacts, the most recent visit date to the primary care physician, and either a MI Driver’s License or a photo ID. The Case Manager will advise you about obtaining the documentation if you do not have it. The Case Manager will also assist on obtaining necessary medical information/documentation.

What if there is an insurance Case Manager already there – what can I do?

Clients and their families have the right to choose their own Case Manager and also change their Case Manager at any time that they wish. A letter can be written by the client, legal guardian, or family member informing the insurance company that a new Case Manager has been chosen to assist on the coordination of the case.

When does service with E3 Case Managers, LLC. start?

Immediately, at the first meeting once consents are signed.

How is E3 Case Managers, LLC. paid?

Our Case Managers are paid by the client’s insurance company. There is no out-of-pocket expense, as all reasonable and necessary Case Management expenses are required to be paid by the insurance Co.’s under Michigan’s Auto No-Fault law. Case Management is a benefit obtained when car insurance is purchased.

What are the top 3 things family members can do to help the client and the Case Manager?

Support the client, COMMUNICATE and encourage the client in their journey to gain ever greater independence.

What happens at discharge of the Case Manager?

When services are no longer needed, the Case Manager and the client will discuss discharge plans and collaborate re: the client’s plans following discharge. The Case Manager will notify the insurance company of the discharge plans.


No Cost Consultation

Since we started working in Case Management in 1993, E3 Case Managers, LLC. has significant experience in making complex medical issues understandable so clients can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. We also know how to work with insurance companies, hospitals, attorneys, and other health providers to ensure the highest level of care. Our experienced Case Managers are dedicated to keeping our clients informed during every step of the treatment and recovery process. We are confident our knowledgeable team will be able to help you. E3 Case Managers, LLC. offers FREE Case Management consultations for victims across Michigan. Don’t hesitate to take an active role in your or your loved one’s recovery. Contact the #1 trusted Case Management firm today.

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