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after-carFollowing any type of accident, the victim and their families will not only often be faced with a long recovery process but many critical decisions that will affect the client for years to come. Rest assured, you don’t have to make these important choices alone. For the past three decades, the knowledgeable Michigan Case Managers at E3 Case Managers, LLC. have acted as client advocates working for injured clients and their families.

What is Case Management?

Michigan Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance allows one to appoint an independent Case Management. It is the Independent Case Manager’s job to help a victim make sense of medical terms, treatment options, and other crucial decisions that must be made by you or a loved one after a serious accident. Also known as the Auto No-Fault law, help from a Michigan Case Manager is available to patients with no out-of-pocket cost as one of their auto-policy benefits.

Although one’s insurance company may offer to assign a Case Manager for a client, one always has the option to choose an Independent Case Management firm to provide assistance during the recovery process.  Since first opening for business, E3 Case Managers, LLC. has advocated for clients in all aspects of their Care Recovery and Rehabilitation, helping them to obtain their greatest level of independence. And because there is no out-of-pocket costs, clients can focus on recovery while the details are handled by experienced and highly-trained Case Manager.

Michigan Case Management Services

E3 Case Managers, LLC. is a pioneer in independent Michigan Case Management. We offer you over 30 years of experience and expertise in helping you select the best course of treatment available. Examples of our most common Case management services provided include:

  • Paperwork and Documentation Coordination
  • Medical and Rehabilitative Appointment Scheduling
  • Case Manager Attendance with the Client at Appointments
  • Treatment Explanation
  • Coordination of Patient Care such as Therapy, Home Modifications, Transportation, Replacement Services, Attendant Care, Medical Testing, etc.


E3 Case Managers, LLC. are Specialists in Auto & Catastrophic Injury Case Management

Our Mission:
E3 Case Managers, LLC. strives to assist and advocate for our clients’ in need so they can succeed in achieving their greatest level of independence following a serious injury. E3, through Case Management advocacy, collaborates with the client and his/her support system to provide the tools required for successful rehabilitation.

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Getting our start in Michigan Case Management in 1993, E3 Case Managers, LLC. has significant experience making complex medical issues understandable so clients can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. We also know how to work with insurance companies, hospitals, attorneys, and other health providers to ensure the highest level of care. Our experienced Michigan & Florida Case Managers are dedicated to keeping clients informed during every step of the treatment and recovery process. We’re so confident that our knowledgeable team will be able to help you, we offer FREE Case Management consultations. Don’t hesitate to take an active control in your or your loved one’s recovery.

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