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2Healthcare providers who frequently handle Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases know E3 Case Managers, LLC. are the #1 trusted Michigan Case Managers. Getting a start in the industry over 25 years ago, our highly-trained and compassionate staff is dedicated to making the best interest of the client and their families the top priority. This is just one of the many reasons hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers in Michigan have recommended E3 Case Managers, LLC. to their patients since 1993.

Armed with an experienced team of Michigan Case Managers, we consistently offer auto accident victims and their families the most caring and compassionate independent care services. The entire E3 Case Managers, LLC. team has a long-standing professional background in various areas of patient care including: trauma care, home healthcare, orthopedics, and other specialities involved in patient rehabilitation.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

As a profession also dedicated to helping injured people recover, every healthcare provider wants to ensure the Michigan Case Manager they refer to a client will take their role very seriously. Hospitals and doctors turn to E3 Case Managers, LLC. to act as a strong client advocate that will keep the client’s best interests at the forefront of their mind. Regardless of the case or injuries involved, our knowledgeable Michigan Case Management firm go above and beyond to make sure the client is well taken care of. No matter the case, E3 Case Managers, LLC. ensures the client receives the best care possible after a motor vehicle collision.

Some values our Michigan Case Managers provide to healthcare providers include:

  • Arranging Fast, Safe Hospital Discharges
  • No Out-of-Pocket Payments Required From Patient
  • Help Transition Victims Between Levels of Care
  • Actively Communicate Medical and Other Care Developments
  • Participation in Team Meetings
  • Gathering of Police and Accident Reports
  • External RN Assistance in Transition Plan at No Cost to Healthcare Provider
  • Arrangement of Correct Insurance and Billing
  • Assistance in Filing an Assigned Claim to Obtain Medical Services


E3 Case Managers, LLC. are Specialists in Auto & Catastrophic Injury Case Management

Our Mission:
E3 Case Managers, LLC. strives to assist and advocate for our clients’ in need so they can succeed in achieving their greatest level of independence following a serious injury. E3, through Case Management advocacy, collaborates with the client and his/her support system to provide the tools required for successful rehabilitation.

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Getting our start in Michigan Case Management in 1993, E3 Case Managers, LLC. has significant experience making complex medical issues understandable so clients can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. We also know how to work with insurance companies, hospitals, attorneys, and other health providers to ensure the highest level of care. Our experienced Michigan & Florida Case Managers are dedicated to keeping clients informed during every step of the treatment and recovery process. We’re so confident that our knowledgeable team will be able to help you, we offer FREE Case Management consultations. Don’t hesitate to take an active control in your or your loved one’s recovery.

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